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Since 1995, Landmarks Illinois has asked preservationists, community leaders and concerned citizens throughout the state to nominate threatened or endangered historic properties for its annual listing of the Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois. 

Inclusion on LI’s Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois list has proven beneficial for many of Illinois’ historic places. For some properties, nomination to the list is a last chance for survival.

A “Most Endangered” designation:

  • Focuses media and public attention on the plight of threatened historic places
  • Spurs positive action and generates public support
  • Creates opportunities for preservation solutions

What is an endangered property?

  • A threatened historic place important to the community
  • An irreplaceable local landmark fallen into disrepair
  • An architecturally or culturally significant building or structure that’s been abandoned 
  • A historic district or building type threatened by poor planning or public policy


To view previously listed sites, visit the Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois page of our website.  


Lisa DiChiera, Director of Advocacy, ldichiera@landmarks.org, (312) 922-1742

Frank Butterfield, Director of the Springfield Office, fbutterfield@landmarks.org

(217) 836-2524

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.